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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Exton, Fort Henry, Greetham, Exton

Monday 18 December. With Maureen, Norma, and Eddie. A beautiful frosty morning with sun. Seven miles, with a break for coffee at the bar at Greetham Valley Golf Club complex.
Similar to this walk, but with two small variations.
From Exton we took New Field Road, which goes over a  cattle grid and becomes a track, heading east. It bends slightly to the left and comes to a junction of three paths. We took the mud track which goes straight ahead and it took us to the metalled track between Lower Lake and Fort Henry Lake.
Ice on the lake
 We continued along the path to the left, past the lake and fields to the steps.

 Down the steps on the other side, following the signs to Greetham, past the bird hide and bug hotel - there were only a few tits today. Then we followed the path beside the golf course, and called in at the bar for a welcome coffee. The staff were very welcoming too.

Quick photo call
From here the path is clear, and we arrived in Greetham itself. We turned left along the road and after a couple of hundred metres followed the footpath sign "Exton - 2 miles". A clear track, some of it muddy, especially near the chicken farm - chickens wandering everywhere, doing what chickens do. Then we joined the path we have already walked several times and followed our previous route into Exton.
Lunch at Wellies, near Rutland Water.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

A hard frost, ice swirled on the water. Lovely.

aliqot said...

It was a magnificent morning.

Ida Jones said...

The bright blue setting in the sunshine shows off the icy lake perfectly!

aliqot said...

A perfect photo opportunity! Thank you.