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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Creaton, Cottesbrooke and Hollowell - two walks

'Tuesday 30 May, with Marta  - just under 5 miles, since we took a wrong turn and ended up near Creaton, so decided to give Hollowell a miss.  Fine, hot weather.

Fallen blossom

Spotted sheep
Cottesbrooke Hall

Guardian of the gate
Cottesbrooke church

Creaton chruch

Thursday 01 June, with Maureen. We adapted the route and made sure we included Hollowell. Six and a half miles.
Green lane on the way to Hollowell from Cottesbrooke


Village hall

On both occasions we found good lunch spots in nearby Brixworth.


Ashby Rambler said...

Hi Ali,

Haven't been in touch for a while but have been following your walks.
Cottesbrooke area is really rewarding for a dedicated rambler - particularly in good weather.
Great photos from you too.

Let's keep rambling on!

aliqot said...

Thanks. I appreciate your comments! Northamptonshire is a gem - there is plenty to discover in the area, and to revisit from time to time.