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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A bike ride from Krakow to Tyniec Abbey

This route is about nine miles each way. We hired trekking bikes from Cruising Krakow, and they were pretty decent.  The cycle path beside the Vistula is easy to follow apart from one short section where you join a road, and then turn off again along a side street.

It was very pleasant, and there were plenty of cyclists using the path.  At the riverside just below the abbey is a very convenient snack bar where we bought coffee and a large bottle of water to supplement what we had brought with us.

The mighty Wisła

Our hired steeds

View from the abbey

The distant Tatras
There has been an abbey on the site since the eleventh century. More details here
Tyniec Abbey, perched above the river

Farmland, people fishing and the village of Piekary
 We spent a couple of hours at the abbey, enjoying the peace, which was shattered a few times by the noise of jet-skis on the river below!   There is a cafe, and a courtyard/cloister with seats. 

A limestone outcrop by the Vistula, not far from Tyniec.
The ride back, with the wind behind us was quick and simple.  A most enjoyable day out from the city.
Back in the city we were entertained by the usual masses of swifts careering round and round. They seem to nest in the towers near the cathedral and Wawel castle. 


Ida Jones said...

Lovely photos!

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida. This was lovely weather and great views too.