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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Berwickshire Coastal Path from Eyemouth to St Abbs and back

Wednesday 17 May, from Eyemouth Harbour along the Coastal path, with a couple of detours round the fort headland and another smaller one, past Coldingham Bay with its beautiful beach and into St Abbs. Almost five miles there, and four back. Nine miles in all. Fine and dry, warm at times, with a chill wind on the clifftops.  Around 500 feet of ascent and descent.

There are wildflowers in abundance - thrift, campion, bluebells, gorse, cowslips, primroses, plantain, vetch . . .

Another 'laidly worm'?  We sat on its back for coffee.

Spot the heron.

Coldingham Bay
Looking down on St Abbs.
Pensively waiting for Cullen Skink, closely observe by a thieving seagull. 

We took a slightly different rack back to Coldingham Bay, via the Creel Path.

Onwards and upwards . . .

Then back along the coastal path to Eyemouth and a bit more bloody history.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Thank you, it looks rather more exciting than the Norfolk and Lincs coast I'mused to seeing.

aliqot said...

It's a bit like the North Yorkshire coast north of Scarborough. Very rocky, with sandy beaches in some bays. So many flowers at this time of year.