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Thursday, May 4, 2017

A wander from Oundle to Stoke Doyle

With Marta, about 6.5 miles and one extra 0.5 mile to go for lunch. There is one section which is not a proper right of way, as the sign when we emerged from the bridleway, told us there was no way through. 

After a pause-café in Waitrose cafe we parked nar the old Drill Hall on the A427, and walked out past the Golf Club House, and soon turned left through the golf course, following the public footpath.

 The path turns right, crosses a field and then follows the edge of some woodland.

Too early for another coffee!

 Plenty of bluebells.
Acres of rapeseed

A gall on an oak tree

Monarch of all she surveys?

and another monarch?

A small herd of deer paused to watch us

before heading for the horizon

Coffee in comfort

Selfie time

Alpacas at Stoke Doyle

Guinea fowl

Cattle opposite Stoke Doyle chirch

This monument and one next to it bear witness to the extent of infant mortality, and deaths in childbirth.

In the visitors' book visitors from Austria have written the Lord's Prayer in old German of some kind.

St Rombald's church

Wych elm again?

We returned to Oundle along the minor road, which was quite busy. Luckily after half a mile or so there is a footpath alongside the road.
 And for something different, the upstairs room of the café in Oundle displays photographs of film stars from the 1950s. We identified several, with help from a couple of customers, but it seems that the café's definitive list has been mislaid.
Jean Gabin and Brigitte Bardot in "En Cas de Malheur"

Marta in the café


Ida Jones said...

That looks delightful - great shots of you two too!

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida - we were in just the mood for taking photos of each other. Quite a varied walk too.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I love the seat up a tree! And the alpacas. My mum adores alpacas

aliqot said...

Irresistible - the seat and the alpacas!