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Friday, April 7, 2017

Langton Caudle

Thursday 06 April
A lovely morning for a short stroll, and a chance to check part of "my" section of the Leicestershire Round.

Last time I walked over the Caudle from Thorpe Langton, a year ago in February, I met the worst three sections of mud for ages. Cattle, horses and farm vehicles had power-mixed soil that had been rained on. I've been waiting for better conditions, so today was the day.

I parked on the track opposite the road to Stonton Wyville and walked away from the village.
A few metres along the track I turn left on to the LR and take the bridleway uphill through a field of rape. A climb of around 50 metres is a good way to jolt muscles and heart into action! This mud is at least dry.
Looking back towards Stonton Wyville

At the top of field I go through the gate, ignore a wide opening on the right, and walk along the edge of a field, with a hedge on my right.
All signage good and clear asI follow the route to the "summit"-  (147 m).

Thorpe Langton to the south

Just 0.6 miles done, but hell, the view is good, the daffodils are blooming, the sun is shining and it's coffee time.

I follow the track south - it's possible simply to keep close to  the hedge on the right at this point. Very soon the bridleway and footpath diverge. I follow the footpath. (Note to self - a LR sticker wouldn't go amiss here, but of course I've left mine at home today.)

The footpath goes back to the hedge and continues downhill. The next yellow way marker isn't obvious at first

Before . . .

so I do my best, but it needs stronger securing in place.Maybe I need to carry a large hammer and long nails?
...and after.
Blackthorn and gorse are flowering profusely. Spring is indeed a lovely season.

The way marks are clear, but then I spot the slough of despond from last year.
This year I keep my feet and boots almost dry,
Look we have come through!
though it sure ain't pretty.

In the last field before the stile there are just a couple of horses now, with a bull in the field beyond.

It's a bit muddy near the stile, but there's a raised section and it presents no problem.
Across the bridge and round to the track

View toward the Caudle

Almost back . . .
I cross the stream, and turn back on myself on the other side to take the farm track back to the car. Quite a few butterflies seen today, and possibly a glimpse of a hare - I have seen a few recently. 2.8 miles in all, taken at a leisurely pace - very enjoyable and job partly done!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That's a lovely little walk, very much my kind of running route too. The rape is rather early this year, some fields here are already in bloom.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Simon. It's great apart from the mud, and most of that can be avoided by taking a different, longer route. Lots of rape in flower around here, and it seems to be a shorter variety than in the past - maybe it flowers earlier?

Ida Jones said...

Glad there wasn't quite as much mud as previously! Looks a lovely walk, Alison.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida - and the perfect weather helped, of course.