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Monday, March 27, 2017

Great Easton, Neville Holt, Drayton, Bringhurst.

Monday 13 March 2017. With Norma, Maureen, Tommy and Ken.  Just under six miles. Great sunny weather, with a little mud underfoot on occasions.
Nevill Holt from the path
Similar route to last Saturday, and also this walk from March 2014.  we began from the green, near the pub, and walked along Brook Street and Deepdale to pick up the footpath towards Nevill Holt.
 We took the path which  leads very close to the buildings of Nevill Holt, with the statue of the opera singer, Bryn Terfel . . .
 and this horse's head.
 The path takes us out on to the road to Drayton, and we walk downhill for some distance, watching a few cyclists making their way upwards.
 Break time at the bench with a view.

 Down into Drayton, past a garden gate decorated with a metalwork spider - there are smaller versions near the wall behind it.
 Then straight through the village and the tiny church building on the green. We take the path towards Bringhurst, and turn to climb the hill to the village.

At the road junction we turn right, and soon take the footpath on our left, labelled "Great Easton".

Lunch at Cottingham community cafe.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I thought Bryn was some kind of civil war fogure at first!

Ida Jones said...

Much better weather for your walk. Bigger and brighter pics too. I couldn't make out the horses head in the earlier shot.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Si! I wondered if it was some historical figure too.

aliqot said...

Doesn't the weather make a difference, Ida, especially to quick snapshots.