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Friday, December 11, 2015

Fineshade Woods, then Pitsford Water Reservoir

Thursday 10 December
A stroll of about four miles this morning, with Gordon.  Bare trees, some muddy tracks, not a lot of colour or light, but we stayed pretty well dry.
Finished off with coffee and muffin in the Top Lodge Cafe. Just a gentle stretch of the legs . . .

Friday 11 December

Pitsford Water from the café, anti-clockwise, with Marta. Jut under seven miles and we walked fairly fast.  A brighter day - you could even see the blue of the sky later on.
 Lots of lapwings, which took flight as soon as I stopped to take a snap.
 See, the sky is brighter.
More water than usual, and two herons 


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I really want to catch a big flock of lapwings in flight, their bold plumage and big flappy ragged wings make them a great photographic subject

aliqot said...

I think you'd need more patience than I have - today was cold and I was walking with others, too, so didn't really try to hang about! But there are usually a fair number of lapwings there - certainly more than a hundred today. Lovely birds.

Ida Jones said...

A breath of fresh air. You chose your moments and your subjects well, Alison! Shame the lapwings didn't want to stop and pose for you though. Ha-ha.

aliqot said...

I really need to stay still and hang around - they always fly up the minute I stop and raise the camera!
It was so refreshing to be able to get out and see some light. Today is grey and wet again. Grrrrr!