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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hambleton Peninsula

Thu, 2015 Nov 5 9:38 AM GMT

With Harry and Gordon. Drizzly at first and quite warm. Good underfoot. About 8 miles.

From the parking space just before the barrier on the road at the eastern end of the peninsula, we walk up into Hambleton village, continue on the main road past the church and along to the angler's track, which we follow downhill.

This leads to a footpath by the road, which we follow until we cross over and turn right along the track to the water's edge. We're walking east on the south side of the peninsula.
This is always pleasant, though drizzly today, and takes us past the rather chilled-looking statue contemplating the water.
We cross the road between the Old Hall and the Old Hall Cottage and continue on the anglers' track, past a lot of benches, wet and uninviting this morning, then through the woods.
We stop at the car for our essential coffee break, and as we have done a good four and a half miles by then, there is less than half of the walk to go.
A lot of trees are now showing their winter skeletons.

Harry and Gordon striding along.
Autumn colours are still lingering, even in the greyness.
We reach the point on the north side of the peninsula where we joined the track earlier. Here we turn left and head uphill and back into Hambleton village.

AD 1898

and finally make our way down hill along the road and back to the car. 

In spite of the drizzle early on, and the forecast of rain to come, we stay pretty dry, and what a joy it is to have decent terrain underfoot.

Map and details


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I don't want the trees to lose their leaves, but it will make my bird photo attempts a little easier!

Ida Jones said...

Some good, bright shots in spite of the greyness. Glad you kept your feet dry!

aliqot said...

You have to look for colour when the weather is gloomy!
Si, I look forward to seeing your bird pics!