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Monday, November 2, 2015

Brampton Ash, Braybrooke, Dingley circular.

Mon, 2015 Nov 2 9:38 AM GMT
Led by Mel, with Norma, Tommy, Gordon and me. Very misty, quite muddy, some navigation problems, partly due to mist - and some of us tearing ahead too fast. . .?  One railway crossing now closed. just over 8 miles.
A huge contrast with the weather on Saturday and Sunday!  This walk turned out to be more demanding than expected - mainly because of the weather and muddy conditions. Most of us ended up with soggy socks.

We started from Brampton Ash St Mary's church, and walked east along the main road to Braybrooke Road. 

Leaving Braybrooke

Cows in the mist in the next field
 We turned off following the Midshires Way/Macmillan Way until it joined the Jurassic Way. At that point we turned right and followed the Jurassic Way/Macmillan Way/Midshires Way with Hermitage Wood on our right until we rejoined the road at Hermitage Cottages.
Here we go

Leaves have fallen
 We walked along a path close to the A6 then crossed at the roundabout.
Down the rabbit hole?
 We went under the railway bridge and headed for Braybrooke.
The site of Braybrooke Castle

Braybrooke Millenium monument

November cobwebs

Snack break over

Yep - the river Jordan

Neither deep nor wide

 The next section proved tricky, as we missed the proper turning for the Midshires Way, and took a diverging footpath instead. We found our way back to it whn we realised what had happened. We came out on the road towards Dingley, crossed the A6 again and walked along the quiet road uphill to Dingley. 
A left turn along the old A427 tooke us to a footpath heading north, which soon turned east towards Brampton Ash. Back across the road to pick up a footpath through a field and out behind the church to our starting point.
Brampton Ash church

Between Brampton Ash and Braybrooke, and then Dingley and Brampton Ash the route is very similar to this one from 2011.  Our route from Braybrooke to Dingley goes further to the east, though.


Ida Jones said...

A good record of your demanding walk, Alison - your photos give the shiver of autumn's damp mist.

aliqot said...

I have to confess - i was one of the idiots tearing ahead on this occasion. Ho hum . . .

Roy Norris said...

Love the misty cows Alison, great shot.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Roy. But was ir ever damp!