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Monday, September 29, 2014

Gumley and Laughton

Mon, 2014 Sep 29 9:48 AM BST
Led by Tommy, with Gordon, Eddie,Maureen and me. Just over 5 miles. Not very hilly, dry underfoot. Lunch at The Bell.

Just over 5 miles, through good scenery, decent paths and dry underfoot.
We start from the Bell in Gumley, ordering lunch before we left.  We walk a short way up the main street and turn off between houses to our right. The path takes us downhill, turning east (to our right) , through a couple of fields. We reach the Grand Union Canal and cross over the footbridge.

We turn right and walk the short distance to bridge 61 at Foxton Locks, cross over and pass the pub of the same name and Bottom Lock. Our path leaves the canal to the right just after the bridge at Bottom Lock and we head west, following the path over two minor roads and continuing for  almost a mile to where the path crosses the drive to Gumley Lodge. We're advised to keep to the footpath here rather than using the private drive. 
We turn left to cross the drive and take the path more or less southwest, which climbs gradually and meets Laughton Road close to a T junction. Our path goes off to the right just before the junction, going north west, climbing slightly until we reach Laughton itself.
Hens and horse riders mark the entrance to the village from this field. We have a break on the convenient seat opposite the green.  Then we carry on and take the road on the right. We go past 
What I am told is Laughton village hall - extended! Our path goes to the right at a bend in the road, and makes its way gradually down northeastwards towards Gumley Lodge again. We pass our route on the way out, but keep to our left and carry on in a more northerly direction. All is pleasant and not at all strenuous until we meet the final short steep pull up into Gumley.

Only five of us!  What happened to the others? Thanks for a lovely short walk today, Tommy!


Ida Jones said...

Quite charming, Alison. It must be a relief for you to get back to green surroundings after the dry dustiness of your walks in SF.

aliqot said...

Very different but I've loved both sorts of walk. Just hoping California has some rain this winter!