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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fineshade to Blatherwycke and back

Mon, 2014 Sep 1 9:27 AM BST
Drizzly at start, then dry. Cloudy. Under 6 miles.Led by Mel - with Norma, Tommy, Gordon, Terry, Steph, Barrie E, Chris, Sue, Marion, and me.

The reverse of this route:

From Fineshade, down the hill and take the path off to the left across the big field with a dip in the middle. At the far side we take the path down through woodland, and across a grass field and a path between fences to a stile above Fineshade Abbey.
Here we turn left along the field to a gate with way marker which takes us on to a track through Lynn Wood. We meet a bridleway and follow it slightly to our right.
This takes us gradually downhill, past farm buildings and on to the road  between Bulwick and King's Cliffe. We turn left then walk east along the road for about 400 yards. A footpath through a hedge on the right hand side leads south west over a field, then through a maize crop.

Another field, then through a gap in the hedge and we turn right, following the field edges, with Blatherwycke Lake on our right.
 After almost a mile we emerge on to the road at a sharp right hand bend. We turn right and walk along to Blatherwycke Bridge, where we stop for a break.
Our former stopping place on an old tree trunk has now been enclosed and put out of reach.

From the bridge we walk on past a junction where a road goes left and on to the next one. Our path goes through a gate, or over a stile for the athletic and heads north through the middle of the field. A few more fields bring us to where the land dips down, almost Derbyshire style, past woodland to a concrete bridge. Here we join the Jurassic Way and follow it uphill to rejoin the path above Fineshade Abbey, retracing our steps to the car park and then the café.

Thanks, Mel for a pleasant walk, in almost dry conditions - just the tiniest drizzle!

Map and details


Ida Jones said...

Great shots here, Alison and love the "laughing" pig!

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida.