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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cycling through Marshwood Vale and Charmouth

dTue, 2014 Jun 17 10:38 AM BST -
Activity Type: Cycling | - Just under 20 miles.

We used two leaflets from the cottage as source guides for this ride, much of which follows National Cycle Route 2.

Another day of superb weather - even sun cream weather. We ride up to the Shave Cross Inn, not open for coffee so early, alas!  This has been an inn for hundreds of years, but we learnt later that it is soon to close and become residential property.  
Whitchurch Canonicorum

From there we turn south towards Whitchurch Canonicorum, a place of pilgrimage to Saint Wite ( Saint Candida) - the only place relics of a saint survived the Reformation, apart from Edward the Confessor at Westminster!  Though I didn’t know it as we rode through, Robin Day is buried there.  It’s a magical place on a sunny day, full of trees and shady corners.
Charmouth beach

Then we head on to Charmouth, taking a direct route which involves crossing a main road just as we reach the town, which is just west of Lyme Regis.  A pause for a mediocre coffee and scone at the beach café - unfortunately there are only two outside tables, and both are occupied, so we don't get to admire the view as we eat.
St Mary's Catherston Leweston

From sea level the only way is up.  We cross the main road via a bridge, then ride up through Catherson Leweston with its tiny church next to the Manor House, then upwards and downwards to Wooton Fitzpaine, up through welcome shade of the forests before Coney's Castle, one of the iron age hill forts.
Climbing through the woodland
As the road climbs and we come out of the trees the views are spectacular.

Next we follow the road to Marshwood, past Lambert's Castle - another hill fort. On a cooler day we may have been tempted off the bikes to walk up, but not today. 
Just after joining the main road we stop at the Bottle Inn, famed for the Nettle Eating Championships held in early June. A very welcome drink and sandwich, and conversation from the landlady set us up for the remaining few miles.

We turn right and ride out past Marshwood church, another place with a remarkable view. Then a long descent and back past Shave Cross and to the cottage.  What an area!

Photos by Harry (apart from the last one).


Ida Jones said...

A lovely record. Many familiar place names and a beautiful part of the country.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida.