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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Circular from Stoke Mill via Copper Hill - June 15 2014

A pleasant walk of almost six miles in all, including the false start. Grand views once we gained some height. Weather hot and sunny, and rather sticky in the valleys, so we decide on a gentle stroll . . . and I didn't take a camera. . .

It all looked so easy on the map, a named route the Monarch's Way, a bridleway between hedges. When we got there the bridleway was maybe passable for Puddleglum in wellies. Alas, even walking on the other side of the hedge was in vain as the barrier was dense and impenetrable.

We went for plan B, and took the public  footpath through Bucketts Farm - not simple even with the farmer's help. It involved diving under wire that may or may not have been electrified, talking nicely to some bullocks, and walking across a dried hard ploughed field.  Anyway, we emerged near Bluntshay Farm as planned, and decided to follow the road for a while.

We turned left, past Copse Hill Farm. Walking here was very pleasant, as there is little traffic on these narrow lanes. Shortly afterwards the road bent sharply to the right, and we turned left along the track to Purcombe  Farm. This track is marked "Private Road", although it is a public footpath.  Shortly after the sign our route turned right and we followed the track as it made its way uphill towards Copper Hill.

The views improved with every step, and the breeze was a welcome contrast to the humidity of the valleys.
There were some flowery meadows with butterflies too.

The path continued past the hill with the trig point at 157 meters, eventually turning left at a junction of ways, then leading downhill to Lower Denhay Farm.

A gruesome find

The road from the farm comes out at Denhay Corner House. We turned left at this junction and then walked along the small road for around a mile to the Paddock's Cross junction.

Most photos are Harry's.

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