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Monday, March 24, 2014

Wing to Rutland Water circular

Mon, 2014 Mar 24 9:33 AM GMT
Led by Barry. With Gordon, Danielle, Maureen, Eddie, Chris, Sue, Marion, Tommy, Ken, Chris and Marion and me. Glorious weather. 7 miles.
Thirteen of us set out from Wing near the maze. We walk to the road junction and opposite us, slightly to the right is a bridleway which we follow downhill and over the railway line, then uphill until we reach the road. We cross over and take the small road downhill towards Lyndon Visitor Centre, past the caravan site. 
No lambs here

Typical rural scenery
At the bottom of the hill we turn right along the track round the reservoir. We follow this for a couple of miles, as far as Edith Weston Sailing Club. This has a café, but it's not open today.

Photograph from Ken P.
Uphill, past the school, then we turn right shortly before reaching the main road and walk beside the houses. A bus shelter with a very long seat provides shelter for a break, though one or two of us find spots in the sun. 

We walk along the road for a few hundred yards, then turn left along the Lyndon Road, and walk into the village.

photograph by Ken P.

Snapping you, snapping me . . .

We take the road to the left, and then a path which goes to the right behind some large houses. The path turns left, and gradually works its way south west to join the bridleway we walked earlier. 

Then it's over the railway, up a final slope and back to Wing.

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Map and details

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