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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Derbyshire walks

Carsington Water - 8.5 miles - Sunday 13 October

RAF Quadrant Tower from the 1940s

The weather was pretty wet all morning, but we decided to risk a soaking. At least the track is clear and well marked.
Much of the way is slightly sheltered by trees, but they didn't keep us anything like dry.

Hansel and Gretel house near the dam

The sky lightened slightly at about 2:30 pm, and we dried out before having a large tea and scone in the Mainsail restaurant in the visitor centre.
A good walk, at a brisk pace, with no navigational skills required - just as well, since my map was old enough to predate the reservoir!

Hartington to Milldale and back - 9.5 miles - Monday 14 October

This is part of a walk I did last summer, in much drier conditions.
Once again the way is clear all along, and well signed, though we had to cross from Derbyshire to Staffordshire and back - footbridges over the Dove.

The first section crosses fields from the path between the pottery shop and the toilets in Hartington, then heads through Morson Wood into Beresford Dale, with its caves and grassy hillsides.

  Next is Wolfscote Dale, which narrows a little.  We emerge at the road to Alstonfield, half a mile from Milldale village, and the joy of finding Polly's Cottage open, serving hot coffees.  There are public toilets, and a shelter, as well as the Information Barn near Viator's Bridge.

We waited for the worst of the downpour to be over, before retracing our steps to Hartington.

The tea shop in the Post Office was our next stop!

Dovedale to Milldale and back - 6 miles - Tuesday 15 October

At last some blue sky!

Chaffinch at Lovers' Leap

The arch near Reynard's Cave

Lion's Head Rock

Ilam Rock

Polly's Cottage, Milldale

Robin on mossy wall

Lovers' Leap

Stepping Stones

Looking upstream
 Even though we have to return home today, we make the most of this by walking from Dovedale car park, and heading north to Milldale.  It's just three miles, and passes the stepping stones below Thorpe Cloud, lovers' Leap, Reynard's Cave,  Tissington Spires, Lion's Head Rock, Ilam Rock and Dove Holes.   Another coffee stop at Milldale, and we buy sandwiches for later.

This time we sit and watch the ducks by the river.  There's a robin perching on a mossy wall by a holiday cottage.

On the way we've seen a heron, dippers, a chaffinch, crows and squirrels.

We eat our lunch at the stepping stones, decide that today is not a Thorpe Cloud day, and make our way back to the car park.


Anne said...

Enjoy it !
Derbyshire, another beautiful place in Britain...
Waow ! the last picture !

Nina said...

lovely pictures. Looks wonderful despite the rain.

aliqot said...

Anne, It's one of my favourite places. We used to visit when I was a child, as we lived only about half an hour or so away from Dovedale.

Nina, once we'd decided to go out in the rain, we enjoyed it immensely!