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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keyham circular

Thu, 2013 Oct 17 9:37 AM BST
Led by Barry, with me. Fine weather, some muddy patches though. 9+ miles in all - we had trouble picking up satellites at the start! 

Could the sky be any bluer??
We walked down the grassy fields, then two like this one - hard work!
The horses lost interest when we had no food for them.
Past Waterloo Lodge Farm, this is an avenue of chestnuts - to Baggrave Hall.
Part of the deserted medieval village of Cold Newton
Under the spreading chestnut tree
the hungry walkers rest 

Beautiful cow near Quenby Hall
Quenby Hall
Billesdon Coplow to the south

Barry about to tackle one of the many stiles towards the end of this walk.

A previous walk covering some of the same ground, in different weather.

Map and details


Harry said...

Nio sign of Basil Faulty at the pub, then? Looks good, I must get out that way again.

aliqot said...

Things may have changed in the four or five years since we were there! We parked near the church this time!