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Monday, September 2, 2013

Ashley circular via Stoke Albany

Mon, 2013 Sep 2 9:37 AM British Summer Time
Led by Barry. With Chris and Marion, Vera and Barrie, Gordon and me. Some dry ploughed fields made paths unclear. About 6 miles.

From Ashley opposite the George - the route is the same as the walk we did on July 8 2013, but without the diversion round Stoke Albany, and without the wrong turning after "John" Tugwell's grave.  He has a fine new slate stone since our last visit. I didn't snap it, but from memory it finishes with "Right. I must be doing."

The paths are not so clear at this time as the rapeseed has been harvested, so we had a few dry ploughed fields to negotiate.

Fine views, and a good six-mile walk in great weather.

We did spot masses of tiny frogs heading across dry soil - towards the stream?

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