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Friday, August 2, 2013

Whittlesey and Flag Fen

What a difference a day makes . . . I think this place is always hot . . .it certainly was last time I walked here.

Thu, 2013 Aug 1 10:22 AM British Summer Time
Led by Barry with me and Gordon. 9.5 miles. Very flat, very hot. Lots of butterflies and dragonflies, plus several herons and a kite.

We set off from Whittlesey - the road in from Thorney seems pretty busy, with cars and not a few cyclists, possibly getting a few miles in before the forecast rise in temperature.
Contemplating Moreton's Leam (Drain)

Junction of the above and the Delph Dyke

This is where we leave the road for a peaceful half mile or so
Along the path which joins the Long Drove there are plenty of butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies.
We rejoin the road at Dog in a Doublet Bridge, and I see that the pub is open again.
I wish them every success
Our route follows the Nene Way next to the road along the north bank of the Nene.  Not a lot of shade here, but for most of the way we are walking above the road, out of the way of the not inconsiderable traffic.
We pass the huge Dog in a Doublet Lock, and walk west for around a couple of miles. 

When we arrive at the millennium bridge for cyclists and walkers the road leaves us, and the rest of the route is peaceful. First things first though, after that hot section, time for a break. 

A quick snack and a chat with three young cyclists from nearby Whittlesey, and we move on.  In about half a mile we turn right and head north to today's attraction - Flag Fen.  I haven't been here for at least 20 years, and it's much more welcoming and accessible now. At £2 for ancient people like us, good value too.

They also have a small cafe and visitor centre.  We meet Harry there, and have a walk around the roundhouses and exhibitions - another place you need to see two or three times, I think.
A landscape of straight lines

We walk back the same way as far as the bridge, but this time we cross it.
The sun is beating down by now - good job we've remembered our hats today.  
The view from Ball Bridge

RBS Sustrans Millennium signpost

distant swans

Approaching Whittlesey
from Stonald Road

 We follow the quiet road/ cycleway a fair way south of the Nene, past the brickworks and round until it joins the Roman Road which becomes Stonald Road, and continue for another mile to the car. You know what? I think my boots have dried out!

Lots of butterflies, including at least one comma, dragonflies, damselflies. 

Map and details

A footnote: In September 2013 we saw a performance by Eastern Angles Theatre of the play Dark Earth at Flag Fen.  Very appropriate place, and I'm pleased it was staged inside a tent - the weather was chill.

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