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Monday, August 5, 2013

On the bike to Fineshade

Mon, 2013 Aug 5 2:28 PM British Summer Time  Cycling Event Type: Recreation | Course: --
With Harry - fine weather, much better than forecast. Almost 19 miles.

I cancelled a walk this morning on the strength of the poor weather forecast, and the rain hammering on the conservatory roof before 8 am. I was wrong - it turned out to be not a bad day at all!

No photos today, too busy cycling, but I got up Harringworth hill without stopping. Not fast, but still.


Roy Norris said...

That was a good ride and distance Alison.
Harringworth Hill, thats almost Pyrenean
around "these yer parts"

aliqot said...

It used to be one of my "fitness markers" when I cycled more regularly! Nowhere near comparable to Rockingham HIll - which I haven't ridden up in years. I blame the traffic! ;-)