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Friday, February 8, 2013

Deerleap circular

With Harry and Esther. Fine, not too cold, bright. big puddles, but generally good underfoot. Just over 4 miles.

After a caffeine and scone boost at the Wildlife Centre's café, we walked to Deerleap car park , and along the track.

There is sun, somewhere
Then we turned right to follow a track through the woods, carrying straight on at the first junction, and eventually turning right.

None of us has seen ponies here before, but there were three, all with magnificent winter coats.
It was simply a question of following the track until we arrived back at the gate. From here it's about a mile back, retracing our steps. 

Reflections and puddles:

Map and details of the route


Roy Norris said...

A lovely part of the country Alison, albeit wet underfoot at the moment. Ponies in the New Forest, now there is a novelty.{:))

aliqot said...

This is an enclosed piece of woodland, so we think a) a new super-intelligent breed is evolving, capable of opening the gates; b) they've sneaked in through some gap; c) someone has put them there. It's an area where we often walk, and my daughter often runs there, so we know it quite well.