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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Corby - Little Oakley - Geddington Chase - Stanion - Corby

Led by Barry. With Maureen, Gordon and Eddie. Weather fine, though rain threatened. Very strong wind. Lots of lovely mud. A whisker over 10 miles.

Rumours of rain on the way. Someone mentions snow.  I hope we've already had the morning's promised shower.  We set off from Barry's house, through the new streets of the Snatchill area, turning right from Windermere Drive across a mud-bath field to a fine graffiti decorated footbridge over the railway.  Waterproofs on for a while, but it's hardly worth the effort. We turn slightly right, skirting South Wood. 

We follow the edges of fields and join the minor road to Little Oakley. A turn to the left takes us towards the village, and we turn off left again just before the first houses.

We must be walking further than planned in the next section. When I look at my Garmin map, I see we had to walk two sides of a triangle, or three sides of a square, simply to avoid the worst of the muddy ploughed fields.  No matter, we make it to and across the A43, and walk alongside the woods towards Geddington Chase.

The sky glowers at us, dark grey. "Quick, let's take a break before we're soaked!"  No arguments about that.  Maureen's scones go down a treat.  Next time we look up the sky is blue again.

Ready to roll?
I think that's the right way
On we go up past the house in Geddington Chase - there seems to be just one dog in the kennel today, and it looks friendly - for a guard dog.

We head north then north east following the path over fields and bogland to Stanion.

We turn left and take the road through the edge of the village to the A43.  Luckily this road has a wide grass verge, and we walk to the roundabout, and turn towards the Euro-hub.  There's about a mile and a half of road, fringed by litter-infested hedge bottoms, before we turn off by the Wincanton distribution depot.

The Roman road 
There's a section of Roman road marked on the map. We pay our respects,  then turn right and slide and squelch our way along the path by the railway.

It's hard work, but we soon arrive back at the graffiti-covered bridge, and retrace our steps, fighting against the wind, to our starting point.

Map and details of the route

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Roy Norris said...

More muddy boots Alison.{:))
Yes it certainly was windy during the day, quite a job to keep upright.