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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gretton - Harringworth - Seaton - Lyddington - Thorpe by Water - Gretton

About 11 miles in all. Led by Mel. With Maureen, Eddie, Barry, Gordon, and Joe and Karen. Cold - frosty, then muddy. Sunny and clear.
Same route as on September 29th 2011, with a wrinkle ironed out at Harringworth.
Outside Harringworth Lodge - I haven't been quick enough to catch a real one yet!

Wrapped up warm!
There's a queue for the stile.

I don't think it's opening time.

From the 'correct' path at Harringworth.

Yet another red kite disappears into the distance.
Map and details


Roy said...

Definitely "Brass Monkey" weather Alison.{:)

aliqot said...

It was! Today wasn't so cold, so long as you kept out of the wind.