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Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Roaches 2021

Saturday 15th October 2021.

With Harry, 7.5 miles, but it felt rather longer. This is the walk we have done a couple of times before. This time we gave Hen Cloud a miss.

The start of the walk is the tricky part - we missed the turning, and ended up heading across country to where we could see the path on the other side of Black Brook. 

After that it was straightforward enough though boggy in places. 

This was the view of the Roaches as we drove up on Friday. 

Unfortunately Saturday was not sunny, but it was pleasant enough, though the wind was brisk.

Gib Torr, one of the many monster shaped rocks in the area.
We walked down the entrance track from Anroach Farm where we stayed. A right turn took us along the quiet road past GibTorr Rocks, and Moss Top farm. We continued after the cross roads and a junction from the left. Where the road bends to the right we took the track straight ahead - we should have turned left towards Moss End Farm.

The sound of a helicopter accompanied us for most of the walk - delivering rocks for path improvements and erosion control.

However once back on track we headed for the Roaches School building at Roach End. Lots of people around, and even a coffee and ice-cream van.

We crossed over to the Roaches path. 

Instead of going ahead to Hen Cloud we turned left along the path which joins the track from Summerhill Farm, before joining the road climbing up past Hazel Barrow Farm and Newstone Farm. 

Strange heads?
The path leads through more boggy bits and downhill towards Gib Tor Farm, where we met the road, and turned left to return to base.

Just over 1000 feet of ascent and descent.

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