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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Gretton - Lyddington - Stoke Dry - Uppingham - Bisbrooke - Seaton - Thorpe by Water - Gretton

Sunday 21st March, 13.5 miles approx.

Beautiful sunny morning, but greyed by midday.

The trees no longer have their feet in the river

We walked from Gretton by road down to the Welland and on to Lyddington.  


We turned left up the Stoke Dry road, taking the footpath to our right through 5 fields, up hill to the A47.  We crossed the road and at the bend took the footpath to our right , part of the Rutland Round.
First view of Eyebrook reservoir

Just before reaching  Stoke Dry Wood, we paused at our usual spot for coffee with a fine view over the reservoir. Along muddy bridleway to the Stockerston Road.  We turned left  and walked downhill a short distance before picking up the Rutland Round footpath to the right at Beaumont Chase Farm.
Who are you looking at?

Wardley Wood

It was easy to follow yellow posts and RR signs back round to Stockerston Road just outside Uppingham. It was much pleasanter than walking along the road, which had a fair number of Sunday drivers and motorcyclists. We continued through Uppingham, and out via the high level footpath to Bisbrooke, where we took a breather behind the church.

Du Cote de chez Swann ...

Then it was downhill and up again through the fields and across the disused railway line towards Seaton. 

We had a late lunch stop at the church, but the bench was not such a sheltered sun trap as last time we were here! No crocuses left, but mini-daffs still glorious.  With bellies full and caffeine levels topped up, we headed down Baines Lane, and the road down towards Thorpe by Water.

We had a very good view of viaduct with a freight train. 

We made our way through Thorpe village and across the valley and the river

and back to Gretton up the muddy field , over the railway line and across the field behind the church.
Marsh marigolds/ kingcups at the pond behind Gretton church

Approximately 13.5 miles.


Jaine said...

Great photos. I have done a lot of walking the past year did the Rutland Round in November last year. I would now like to complete Mel Jarvis walk around Corby I see it as 31 or 35 miles ldwa and ramblers habe a map. I wondered if you had walked the route.

Thank yoy

aliqot said...

Hi, I walked it in two sections a few years ago. I have also touched sections on other walks. Do you have Mel's book?
THe only problem now may be following the route from Weldon where the new houses have been built. If you search my blog for label Around Corby - you should find some of the route.

THe Rutland Round is also great - I did that a few years ago, in short sections.