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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tilton, Skeffington, Marefield

Monday 25 November 2019.  The same route as these walks.
Just over 10 miles, with Maureen and Kate. The weather was dull and misty, and in the last hour of the walk turned to rain.

We walked to Skeffington, first, and had an early break before continuing. 

Frilly fungi

Colborough Hill

The final mile or so was the hardest - a muddy farm track, with two fords. Luckily I had thought to bring a potting compost sack in lieu of a Sir Water Raleigh style cloak, so the feet were kept dry! 

After the second ford the track made its way steadily uphill, and there were several large puddles to negotiate.

We had lunch at Buttercups Tea Room.


Ida Jones said...

Glad you managed to enjoy a dull and misty day. Guess we can't expect blue sky and sunshine every day!

aliqot said...

We all wanted some fresh air, and managed to put up with the rain towards the end of the walk!