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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Warkton to Wicksteed

Wednesday 25 September. With Marta. We set off at 1.30 pm, not our usual morning wander. Just under 6.5 miles.

We parked at the layby by the single carriageway bridge in Warkton, and took the footpath immediately on our left. The path hugs the River Ise almost the whole way. 
We kept it on our right and walked through countryside and parkland, close to the Ise Lodge estate. After 2 miles we came to Cheyne Walk, then Eastleigh Road and passed two schools.
We came to the junction of the A6098 and the A6003, and crossed over into Wicksteed Park.  Time for a quick lunch at the Carousel Cafe.

Then a stroll around the park, remembering what an asset it is to Kettering. Free to enter if you don't need to park, although the best rides cost money, of course.
Hello, autumn!

Young cones?

A minotuar with protected modesty

Alas poor minotaur - he will be burnt for Bonfire night!

We followed the same route most of the way back, with a detour to find The Green Patch, a community allotment which has been in operation for 10 years.  We were too late to go in.

A very pleasant walk on the edge of Kettering.

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