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Friday, January 18, 2019

Exton, Greetham, Fort Henry

Thursday 03 January
With Harry and Eddie. Around 7 miles.
We set off from Exton, near the Fox and Hounds pub, and walked along The Green (opposite side to the pub), and turned left along Top Street.When we reached Pudding Bag Lane we turned right along West End and past the estate farm buildings. We turned to the right and walked along the estate road heading northeast for about a mile

Here we turned left, following the Viking Way signs and followed the road as it zigzagged in a generally northwesterly direction. After about half a mile, as the road swings left, we took the footpath to the right and  soon turned left, walking slightly northwest again, with the hedge on our left.  This takes us through a large chicken farm, with chickens roaming freely.  
Eventually the path, which is well marked takes us into Greetham, past some more aristocratic looking chickens and some shatland ponies.

We turned right and walked along the main village road, as far as the Wheatsheaf.
Here we walked down the small road to the right, and soon came to footpath signs. We took the left hand side on, which follows the brook.

We followed the footpath along the field edge and eventually to the golf course and the club house, where we stopped for a coffee - and a scone each.

Suitably refreshed we tackled the second half of the walk, along a public footpath near the golf course, past a small lake and bird hides, then climbing the steps to meet an estate road.

Across the road, down the steps opposite, then along the footpath until Fort Henry came into sight.

At the next estate road we turn right for a short distance before taking a footpath to our left, which has another lake on the right.
At the end of the lake we turn right and head west, over a stile and along another track. We continue in that direction, ignoring a turn to our left. 
Do i look the part?
We follow the road and emerge into Exton along New Field Road. From there it's a short walk back to the Green, along Stamford Road.

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