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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Circular, Lyddington to Stoke Dry .

Monday 26 November 2018.  With Eddie and Norma. Six and a half miles. We set off from Lyddington, taking the road south out of the village. Soon after the minor road to Thorpe by Water we took the public footpath ( not the permissive one) which heads across the fields to the A 6003. We crossed this road and turned right, walking uphill for a couple of hundred yards alongside the road, until we saw the footpath sign pointing left. The path took us uphill to a point where we got views of Eyebrook reservoir. 

 The path then went downhill and almost to the edge of the water, though there's a fence with a "Private" notice. We should have continued close to the fence, but were distracted by a gap in the hedge and veered off too far to the right, passing this magnificent oak tree,
 before finding the correct route again! 

It's so easy to wander off track!!

 When we arrived at the road we turned right and walked uphill into the village of Stoke Dry, with its intriguing church of St Andrews.

Wall paintings inside the church.

 We had a snack break at the church before continuing along the road and back to the A 6003. We crossed the road, and took the footpath through fields down hill joining the minor road (Stoke Road) just before the village. To complete the walk we did another loop of a mile or so on the footpath behind the houses on the opposite side of the road. 

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