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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Pitsford Water again

Monday 5 March. With Maureen, Eddie, Kate and Norma. What options did we have after the snow? And the cabin fever was getting intense. The usual 7 miles approx.

Across the dam

Ice on the water - the gulls were walking on it
 At this point there was a sign claiming the footpath was closed. We asked a passing official who said it wasn't too bad, but the responsibility was ours. Snow and a flooded section because of a burst water main. We assured him we'd turn back if it looked too dodgy.
Not as simple as we'd expected
 The flood had already pretty well subsided, and we had no real problems.
Coats on for the snack break
As ever we ended the walk with lunch in the cafe.


Ida Jones said...

That beautiful blue sky compensates for the lingering snow!

aliqot said...

It was a lovely day, and we needed some fresh air and exercise!