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Monday, October 23, 2017

Goyt Valley, near Buxton

Saturday 21 October 2017.
A short walk on a windy day, as Storm Brian blew around the Peak District and elsewhere. 

On the way we passed Jenkin Chapel.  This building is at the junction of three ancient tracks , or "salters' ways" which were once used to transport salt.

We had no real plan, but drove to a car park near Errwood Reservoir, then followed the road, before taking a footpath labelled "Woodland Path".

 The path climbed steeply, with wet leaves and some mud underfoot.

After a short distance the path branched and we followed the branch which led up to Foxlow Edge - the wind made itself very evident again here.  

View down to Errwood Reservoir
We decided to go down to rejoin the woodland path, then followed a sign to Errwood Hall.
This is the ruin of a grand house, once owned by a family named Grimshawe. It seemed a very appropriate name in today's weather.  The hall was built in the 1830s and demolished when the nearby Fernilee Reservoir was built in 1934.

There is more information on an excellent website about the Goyt Valley.
The main doorway

 I intend to return and explore the area more fully at some point.  


Ida Jones said...

Great photos from a challenging day! It looks lovely, especially with the sunshine on the tops and I can understand your wanting to return, perhaps in less windy and muddy conditions.

aliqot said...

It's an area I know slightly from excursions in my youth, and also where Alan Garner (of Owl Service fame) set many of his books. I'm a real fan of the Peak District in all its moods, but you're right - a sunny calm day would do it for me!