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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Brixworth and Chapel Brampton take 2

Monday 6 February 2017.  With Maureen and Norma. Misty then sunny, then cloudy. Underfoot firm and frozen to begin with. Under 10 Miles.

We parked at Spratton Crossing on the Brampton Valley Way, but went back to the road and turned right towards Brixworth. Very soon a footpath goes off to the left, across fields and up towards Brixworth church.

I'm glad this was frozen!

Trees loom through the mist

We're on track

Look, there is sky

Parts of this church date from c750-850. 

 Brixworth has a village heritage trail, with blue plaques dotted around, so our progress was leisurely.
Piggy on the roof
 We walked right through the village on the Northampton Road, past the new housing estate, eventually taking the bridleway to our right downhill to Merry Tom crossing, on the Brampton Valley Way once more.
We now have a view

Horses lined up, behind a fence.
 At Merry Tom crossing we continue along the road, ignoring the muddy path uphill through the field on our left. We reach the junction with the A5199 and turn left. Today there is little traffic and no problems walking along it as far as the Red House, where we turn right and a little later left at the bridleway heading into Chapel Brampton. 
When we reach the village we turn right, and later left to cross the A 5199 again, and down Pitsford Road. This takes us to the Brampton Valley Way once more, and Pitsford and Brampton Station. We have a coffee break on a bench - I discover that my coffee is hot water only, but Maureen's scone more than compensates.
 All that remains is to walk the couple of miles along the old railway line and back to Spratton Crossing.
A very cropped photo of an obligingly stationary buzzard.

A squirrel against the light (exposure adjusted later).

Finally a sandwich and drink at the BreadLine bakery/cafe in Brixworth rounded off a satsifying walk.


Ida Jones said...

Excellent shots, Alison - the first ones capture the 'real' winter atmosphere - looking at the footpaths, I can see why you were glad they were frozen! - and interesting snippets on the ones in sunshine. That church really is old and I love the pig on the roof which no doubt also has a story to tell.

aliqot said...

Thank you, Ida. It was very interesting, and the bit we added from the previous walkwas well worth doing.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Nice route! Could do with the a little forst to harden my running routes. When I'm not cycling to work, of course!

Roy Norris said...

You got closer to a Buzzard than I normally get Alison.

aliqot said...

Cheers, Simon. Frozen ground is much better than soggy mud!

Roy, I wasn't very close, but we have seen a few buzzards either on the ground or in trees recently.