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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kings Cliffe and Apethorpe

01 December 2016, 10.07 am.  With Maureen. 7.4 miles. 220 feet of ascent. Glorious weather, cold and bright. Some places were muddy underfoot as the ice melted.

Similar route to this one from three and a half years ago, but slightly longer.

View of Kings Cliffe church from Morehay Lane

Kings Cliffe housescape in the sun

Maureen enjoying the weather

Ok, the red kite didn't fly away immediately, but the camera focussed on the tree in the foreground . . .

. . . so I tried to get nearer, but branches obscured the view.
No third photograph, the bird flew!

Apethorpe's castellated water tower

A larg herd of deer, watching us watching them.

The weather front approaches
A fine walk in excellent conditions. Much enjoyed.
The icing on the mudcake was a flock of fieldfares flying from the bushes on the last half mile or so. Too small and quick to snap.


Ida Jones said...

That looks and sounds a lovely walk, Alison - sunshine really does make a difference! We have had similar weather here recently. I especially like the first photo - very effective composition.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida - it just asked to be snapped!