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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Norfolk 2 - Short walk near Felbrigg Hall

We used to visit Norfolk almost every summer, but hadn't been for some years. This year we had the chance to spend a few days exploring new places and revisiting some old haunts. After a mroning wandering around Sheringham, wedecided to make use of the National Trust membership and visited Felbrigg Hall, near Holt. 

 There's the usual good, though not cheap, cafe for lunch.

A lovely setting and interesting interior, and an eccentric ancestor, known as "Mad" Windham.  Ok, not the way to talk about anyone, but here's some info and you get the chance to dress up with a cap like his! 

 Impressive house, with a beautiful kitchen garden, complete with orangery and dovecote ...

 ...a  conveniently placed church
 grazing sheep . .
 a lake . . 

 and plenty of woodland walks.


Ida Jones said...

Familiar territory and I love the woodland photos.

aliqot said...

A lovely place - those rich guys could choose 'em!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Looks like a lovely place, as halls go, quite small and cosy looking, with lovely grounds.

aliqot said...

Yes, I think i could live in one this size, though I'm not sure you'd get the staff these days! Well worth a visit though.