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Monday, September 26, 2016

Chile walking highlights - part 2 :Valparaiso

This city rises up steeply from the main port area, and is a jumble of wealthy districts and ones which look as though they have been thrown together any old how. 
Some places feel safe and welcoming, others, not exactly threatening, but  in need of a little attention . . . we inadvertently ended up walking several miles along a "belt road" through some of these areas. Not a busy road, but winding along a bus route avoiding the steep ravines where the houses are distinctly ramshackle on the outside.  The photographs are mostly from perfectly pleasant areas - there are lots of them!
Lots of painted walls

La Sebastiana, Pablo Neruda's pad in Valparaíso.

This was very close to the modern Cultural Centre.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Love the Pink House and Pablo Neruda's Bauhaus looking place

aliqot said...

There are lots of painted houses and walls in Santiago and Valparaiso. Neruda had lovely houses!