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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Short ride up the Ettrick Valley

Monday 06 June 2016

A lovely ride on a quiet road. Apart from four timber lorries and a mobile library van, we saw maybe two cars. 

Ettrick Water is a delightful river, much like a mini-Tweed, clear, fast flowing with a rocky or pebbly bed.
The road from Ettrick village is not a through road, and from the cottage to the end of the surfaced road at Potburn climbs very gently. 

Harry rode further along the track  from here, while I sauntered back taking snaps.

The weather started sunny and warm, though we did have a heavy shower before we got back.


Ida Jones said...

Apart from the library van, the traffic you mention is much the same here! Lovely photos, Alison.

aliqot said...

Ther is a little more on the roads which lead somewhere, but you couldn't call this area busy! It's a delight.