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Friday, March 13, 2015

Rutland Water -a good standby

A distinct lack of action recently. Mea culpa - recovering from a broken wrist after falling while ice-skating  in Leeds, around three weeks ago.  Ouch.

This week the sunny weather tempted me out - walk from Normanton to the Manton wildlife centre and back and another from Sykes Lane to Barnsdale and back. A pair of great crested grebes looked as though they were about to perform the weed dance, but then fizzled.

The third walk was the five or so miles around the Hambleton peninsula - another glorious early spring day. It's more than good to get out there again, even with my right wrist in a cast. And, of course, I'm right handed. That makes photos tricky. 


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

My parents sometimes take me there. Next time, I will hire a bike and go round the water, I'm sure I can manage that in two hours. Ahem.

Roy Norris said...

Sorry to hear that Alison, I hope it mends quickly.
Ice skating - really! tut tut.
Just stick to walking, nothing like so hazardous, well most of the time.{:))

aliqot said...

Cheers, Roy!

aliqot said...

Simon, itis a grand ride, best not at weekends or bank holidays, as it can be crowded near the car parks.

Ida Jones said...

Nice photo - in spite of the wrist! Well done. Glad you are able to get out and about more again.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida. Slowly does it, I guess!