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Friday, October 10, 2014

Gretton to East Carlton

With Marta - part of our exploration of the river Welland.
This was an alternative route to the one in the Around Corby book. somewhere about 8 - 9 miles, on a beautiful autumn day, mainly warm and sunny, with a chill breeze.

Gretton church was resplendent and golden against the morning's blue sky as we left the village.
We made our way down to the Welland, and walked along the valley footpath past the weir and on for a long mile to Caldecott.

Too much breeze for sharp reflections at this point.  We walked into Caldecott, then turned left on the A6003, over the bridge, and turned right to walk along the road to Great Easton.  The pumpkins below are still growing - nearly three weeks until Halloween.
At Great Easton we turn left at the village green, just past the pub.

Past the old corset factory, and to the end of the houses, then we take the footpath to the left, through a field of cows and one with four horses. We're still on the Jurassic Way, and signs are good. Eventually the path  we're following takes us to a road where we turn right and walk uphill to Bringhurst.
The church has a much bigger churchyard than I'd expect.
The inside is very simple, and contains a tomb cover dating back to the ninth century, which was discovered in thick ivy during renovations not long ago.
We walk past the church and take the Jurassic Way footpath downhill across fields - easy, dry walking today!
Drayton and Neville Holt can be seen in the distance.
We cross two fields, then a disused railway line.  There's a new gate and a footbridge, taking us to a path where we turn left. The path soon becomes a wider track and crosses the Welland.

The maize is much taller than we are.

Just before we meet the road there is a footpath sign leading us along the edge of fields and across the playing field behind Cottingham school. When we come on to the road we walk into the village and past the Spread Eagle, turn right to the church and take the high level footpath past the old school, with views over the valley. Then it's  down School Hill, past the Red Lion. We cross the road and take the footpath between houses - still the Jurassic Way. 
This takes us along the edge of East Carlton Park. The cows are in the field to our right, the parkland on our left.   Part way along we turn left and walk through the park to the café, where we have lunch.

All day the weather has been fine!


Ida Jones said...

You had a good day for it. Interesting photos and I particularly like the penultimate one...that sun-on-water--surrounded-by-green-thing again! Always pretty and striking.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida. Yes, the blue and green and reflections stuff usually looks ok!