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Monday, April 8, 2013

Twyford - Thorpe Satchville - Ashby Folville - Twyford

Mon, 2013 Apr 8 9:39 AM Western European Time 
Led by Barry, with Maureen, Gordon , Eddie and me. Fine, no sun, coldish, not very hilly, dry underfoot. Just over 6 miles.

We park near the church in Twyford and take advantage of the benches in the porch to get booted up for the walk. We take Hollands Lane out of the village, following a clearly marked footpath, through some trees, across a field or two and a disused railway line. We have a few minutes diversion rescuing a lamb which had wrapped its leg in fencing wire.  It hobbles off and joins its mother.  Fingers crossed, we hope it recovers.  
Then we continue along the path until we meet a bridleway - this isn't hugely clear, but there are signs on the marker post. We turn sharp left - the bridleway goes diagonally across a large field, but we walk down the hedge until we can see the waymarker. We walk across a couple of fields with the stream below us to our right. 
A 'lion' in wait
The bridleway takes us to a point where the road and disused railway meet. We take a path on the opposite side of the road and slightly to our right.  This climbs up towards the village of Thorpe Satchville, which sits on the ridge.
Thorpe Satchville
The photos from now on look as though we've travelled back in time - I forgot to change the setting when I switched from "auto". 
One of the few slopes in today's walk.
Eddie waits by the gate
Here they are.

We make a short detour to say hello to Thorpe Satchville church
then walk past a large house with a mini-haha.  At this point we're following the Leicestershire Round for a mile or so, towards Ashby Folville.   This goes under the disused railway, and clearly marked over several fields.

We leave the Leicestershire Round  shortly before the village to take a lower path to the road. 
The church is to our right.
Ashby Folville church
 We turn left along the road towards Twyford, and turn off to the right at a farm road and bridge over the Gaddesby Brook. This is part of the Midshires Way.   We take a break here, before leaving the Midshires Way, and instead we walk along the public footpath to Twyford.  Again it's clearly marked and easy walking, although at one point there were seven or eight stiles in quick succession - not quite a hurdles course. 
Then a pair of sheepdogs come out to greet us, and decide they're not obliged to herd us after all. They disappear after scent-marking a gatepost, and looking at us - challengingly?
We emerge next to the farm, and find a convenient bench, dedicated to Thomas Holland's 100 years in Twyford in 2005.  He died in 2009 - we later spotted his grave in the churchyard.
Not long before we're back at our starting point - a very pleasant six miles and a whisker.

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Harry said...

The black and white views are nice. Gives the piece a fifties look. The walking gear could just about pass muster for that era!