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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tissington Trail short walk

Walk on 13 August late afternoon.

We walked from the Hartington Station car park north along the Tissington Trail as far as Parsley Hay, then we turned back, and took the High Peak Trail which goes off to the left.
We walked under the A515 and took a farm track to the right, which crosses the A515 before reaching the minor road a short distance from our starting point. 

The High Peak Trail follows the old Cromford and High Peak Railway, which was one of the earliest railways in the country, opening in 1830.  

A stone plaque inscribed with the crest of the C&HPR, a four-wheeled wagon on a shield with the motto "Davina Palladis Arte", the whole surrounded by a garter reading "Cromford & High Peak Railway Comp'y Incorporated 1825". Above this are the words "Jos.s Jessop,Esq.  Engineer".  There is a better picture in the link to the CPHR.

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and by car to the Manifold Inn, Hulme End for Barry's Birthday meal!

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