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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Short wanders round Red Hook and Battery Park.

Saturday I met Peter and Kath and we went for a short walk round Red Hook, and its waterfront.

Statue of Liberty in the distance
Old warehouses by the water

View of the Verrazano Narrows and Bridge

Sunday I took the subway with Brian and Leonie and a friend, plus the kids to Battery Park Playground, in southern Manhattan,  by the Hudson.  Within view is the w-i-p of Freedom Tower, which is to replace the WTC twin towers.   So much waterfront in this city one way and another, and they are making great use of it. Lunch in a rather typical burger place.

Kath's ceramics show is on at the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative Gallery until July 7 2012


Harry said...

Great view of the big bridge. Is that where the SF trams go when they die?

aliqot said...

I only saw three - Peter says that someone was once hoping to restore and run them - there are still some remnants of old tracks, but it looks as though they're slowly rotting away.