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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Short, but steep - High Tor in Matlock.

Matlock Bath, from station car park into Matlock, via the main road.  They really should change the place of river and road, and it would be very pleasant to sit outside the cafés! 
 We called in to the local Co-op to pick up some bread and cheese, and returned via High Tor, 390 feet high, with spectacular views over the Derwent Valley to the tower on the Heights of Abraham, and in the other direction to Riber castle. Many notices warning of sheer drop, and the need to keep children under control.  Too right.  So much so, that I'm surprised there is no pile of skeletons at the bottom. 

Then a shorter walk from the Visitor Centre at Carsington Water , after sharing a huge cream scone - and another coffee each.  
We wandered to Stones Island and back, including the modern standing stones, and Hognaston Bronze Age Barrow. 


Roy said...

With the look on your face, I doubt very much that you actually shared any of that cream scone Alison.?

aliqot said...

I think it was already cut in half at that stage. Huge beast of a scone.