and occasionally rides a bike.
A word of warning. The walk descriptions are not detailed enough to guide you - please take a map. The batteries never run out, and you always have a signal. Oh, And don't take left or right as gospel!

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Cycling - Earl Sterndale, Glutton Bridge, Hollinsclough, Longnor, Crowdicote

 Sunday 25th September

A short morning ride, before meeting Jack, a friend of Harry’s from Leeds days. Only about 6 miles, but with around 470 feet of climbing.

the ford

Harry suggested riding along the minor road down towards Glutton Bridge, then following a track towards Hollinsclough - mentioned as a possible walk by our neighbour, Margaret. The track was quite rough, but rideable. When we arrived at the ford Harry rode through, hit a stone and ended up with wet feet. I took my shoes and socks off and pushed the bike through. As i sat there drying my feet, a group of walkers we had passed earlier came by. They walked over the footbridge which we hadn’t spotted! 
The stone covered track, joined a small road into Hollinsclough, onward and upward to Longnor, down to Crowdecote, and up again to Earl Sterndale. About 6 miles in all, and only one short pause on the hill back to base.
The map trace begins at the ford! My bad.

Note for future ref:
To explore on foot - Washgate Lane/ Tenterhills - pack horse bridge on track from Booth Farm to Hollinsclough.

A short walk to Jericho

Saturday 24th September

After a brief excursion by car to Longnor cafe and Hartington to replenish supplies we returned back to base, and finished the day with a couple of one-mile walks to ‘Jericho’ a couple of houses and a farm just outside the village boundary, with great views of the dragon’s back.



Jericho and views of the hills

In search of a lost hat

 Saturday 24th September

Postscript to yesterday’s walk!
Another beautiful morning.  We set off at 9am in search of the hat. Retraced footsteps using walkmeter app.

Amazingly accurate, and lo and behold after about half a mile, Harry spotted it. It had obviously blown off as I crested the shoulder of the hill.

Rather pleased to recover this hat - bought in Chile (made in China) to replace a hat I had lost there!

The Dragon’s Back, Hollinsclough, and High Wheeldon

 Friday 23rd September 

Once again, the weather was set fair, so we set out to do our planned walk - a partial repeat of the one we did in March, with variations. 

Up the hill behind the cottage, through the yard of the Quiet Woman. Very quiet at the moment, as the pub has been closed since 2020.

We both separately went off track after the second fence, skirting Hitter Hill. I went to my left instead of turning rightish. We found ourselves and each other again on the way down towards the road near Glutton Bridge.

We crossed the road and picked up the path to the top of Parkhouse Hill.  Part way up, I noticed I no longer had my hat!  
A warning here - the real path skirts this deceptively small, but rugged, peak, and the descent directly over has been misguidedly created during the period of lockdown. It can be quite tricky, and I used both hands to help me over the rocky outcrops. We later heard of a couple of times the local mountain rescue was called out. So ok to go up, but maybe best to retrace your steps and go round the base. 

We found Chrome Hill less of a challenge, though just as spectacular.
From the photos it’s clear why the two hills are known as the Dragon’s Back.

We followed the path down Chrome Hill, through a gate, up a fairly steep grassy bank  Past Tor Rock , eventually joining a bridleway/ wide track near Stoop Farm,

 curving round close to Booth Farm, then continuing past Fough. We passed a few people walking this track. Eventually it turns into a smaller path over a footbridge,

crossing the river Dove, and leading into the small village of Hollinsclough, just in Staffordshire.

As it was Friday we had no hope of finding the Tea room open, but this time our luck was in.  The doors were open, the woman who runs it was there, baking, and there were two other customers. So we indulged in a coffee and cake! 

Along the long road to Longnor - a mile or so, very straight, then a left turn and uphill into the village.
Time for our picnic lunch on a bench - we had brought the boiled eggs this time.

From Longnor downhill along the road to Crowdecote, over the Dove into Derbyshire, and past the Pack Horse pub, where we booked a table for the evening.

There was a long walk uphill to join the track to High Wheeldon. Close to the summit we met the couple who had been in the tea room. 

From High Wheeldon it was a fairly gentle downhill stroll back to the cottage.

Just under 11 miles, with 2148 feet of ascent (645 meters).

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Cycling the High Peak Trail from Earl Sterndale

 Wednesday 21st September

Fine weather, so we had to take full advantage of it.We set off by bike at 10 am, just as the church clock was striking.  By road to Parsley Hay,

where we had a coffee before continuing on the High Peak trail towards Middleton Top. 

Various pauses on the way - including a chat near Hopton Top 

to a couple of blokes with a mobility scooter  they appeared to be sharing. We mentioned The Quiet Woman, and they were surprised to know it was closed. They had some good nights there, so not too many Quiet Men? The landlord used to sell half lambs.  The convesation wandered to black pudding and
a couple of American women being horrified at the thought.

Onward to Middleton Top

where we wandered about a bit,

looked at the Redhill Quarry Nature reserve,

and then had a frugal lunch before turning back. We had left our hard-boiled eggs back at the cottage. 

We decided to give the incline and final miles to Cromford a miss.
I was asked if I knew the cycle route to Tissington Trail. Harry was asked to take a photo of a woman cyclist.

Return quite an uphill pull to begin with, but luckily the wind was not as strong as we had originally thought it might be.

All good until we came to the end of the trail and met an uphill section on loose stones - this was seriously hard work, but the uphill bit on the road afterwards seemed relatively easy with its much smoother surface.
Down into Earl Sterndale meeting the road we have come in before.  Grand views of High Wheeldon

and the Dragon’s Back.

Home by 1610 to cuppa and lemon drizzle cake.

34 miles approx. Around 770 feet of ups and downs. More than I have done since this time last year on the Rhins of Galloway.