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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Apologies -technogrief!

Thank you those people who have posted comments recently. My laptop has given up and I find it much more awkward to post from the iPad or phone. I have been walking quite a lot, and all is well, but another catch up is clearly needed! 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Goadby, Cranoe, Glooston, Stonton Wyville, Noseley

Thursday 26 September, with Harry and Eddie. A slightly more rolling terrain than of late, but the highest point is no more than 520 feet above sea level. Just over 9 miles. 

We walked out of Goadby along the road to Cranoe and Glooston, turning off to the left just after Pine Tree Stud, and walking along a rougher track going uphill towards Hallaton.

At the high point we turned right along the Midshires Way (and Leicestershire Round) and reached the road a couple of hundred yards outside Cranoe. We turned away from the village and took the quiet road to Glooston.
At the crossroads we went straight on, passing the pub and the church, hidden away among the trees close to the village hall. 

Then it was across the fields to Stonton Wyville.  We missed the turning here, but found our way back on to the minor road. 
Too late with the photo, but this was how we reached the road.
The road becomes a track, then footpath, then bridleway. When we met the bridleway we turned left heading downhill to a stream, then up (over a large and luckily dry, ploughed field) towards the edge of Noseley Wood.

Through some parkland and fields, and along a farm road past Noseley Hall, which is secluded and hidden by trees, and we eventually arrived at The Avenue, the road which goes down gently past the entrance to the hall, then Nether Cottages. We stayed on the road until we came to Goadby Hill, where we turned right and climbed up to the village. We made a small detour to visit the church, one of several in the area with an open bell tower.

An impressive carved chair in Goadby church.

Warkton to Wicksteed

Wednesday 25 September. With Marta. We set off at 1.30 pm, not our usual morning wander. Just under 6.5 miles.

We parked at the layby by the single carriageway bridge in Warkton, and took the footpath immediately on our left. The path hugs the River Ise almost the whole way. 
We kept it on our right and walked through countryside and parkland, close to the Ise Lodge estate. After 2 miles we came to Cheyne Walk, then Eastleigh Road and passed two schools.
We came to the junction of the A6098 and the A6003, and crossed over into Wicksteed Park.  Time for a quick lunch at the Carousel Cafe.

Then a stroll around the park, remembering what an asset it is to Kettering. Free to enter if you don't need to park, although the best rides cost money, of course.
Hello, autumn!

Young cones?

A minotuar with protected modesty

Alas poor minotaur - he will be burnt for Bonfire night!

We followed the same route most of the way back, with a detour to find The Green Patch, a community allotment which has been in operation for 10 years.  We were too late to go in.

A very pleasant walk on the edge of Kettering.

Gretton, Caldecott, Gt Easton, Rockingham.

Monday 23 September. With Maureen, Norma, Marion and Eddie.  8.3 miles.

From Gretton to the weir on the Welland, then across the fields to Caldecott.

From Caldecott we followed the road to Great Easton, turning right just before the village. At his point Eddie rushed off, as he knows the way home quite well!  We followed the path across the river, at a more leisurely pace.

From the river we followed the footpath to Rockingham, crossing the road between Rockingham and Cottingham, and ending up at the (closed-on-a-Monday) tea shop, where we provided our own refreshments!
 We walked up Rockingham hill, through the village, where there were a few unusual ornaments, on roofs or in gardens.

 Then we turned leftt at the old forge, to take the Jurassic Way back to Gretton.

Holcot, Pitsford, Moulton, Boughton church

Thursday 19 September. With Harry and Eddie. 10.8 miles. The same route as yesterday, without the navigational errors, but with the addition of a visit to old St john's church ruins at Boughton. I last visited these ruins in 2014 - five years ago.

Pitsford Water

The Spectacle

The ruins of St John's church

Five years ago there was a lot of ivy on the walls.

Holly Lodge from the footpath

Virginia creeper in Moulton

To visit the church we turned right at the end of Spectacle Lane, and walked along the uneven grass verge beside the road - quite a busy one! In less half a mile, just round a sharp bend before a junction, the church was on our right.