and occasionally rides a bike.
A word of warning. The walk descriptions are not detailed enough to guide you - please take a map. The batteries never run out, and you always have a signal. Oh, And don't take left or right as gospel!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Gretton to Harringworth Lodge

Monday 26 February 2018. With Maureen, Kate, Norma and Marion. A short pre-snow walk, in a fierce wind, followed by lunch at Lydia's cafe in Gretton. Just over 5 miles. A route we have followed many times, with variations.

As you can see, we were all well wrapped up and stylish today.

New Forest Jaunts 5 - Bolderwood to Woods Corner on forest track

Friday 23 Feb 2018. We parked at Bolderwood car park, and walked along tracks heading roughly south west, from the deer viewing area. We walked until we reached Woods Corner which is on a road to Burley.  Good clear tracks, also decent for cycling, sunny, and sheltered from the wind. The complete distance was about 7 miles.

New Forest Jaunts - 4. Hatchet Pond

Thursday 22 Feb. On our return journey from Milford on Sea, we paused here for an extra coffee, since one flask was still full. I did a short wander around - this is the largest body of water within the forest. The pond was full of birds, swans, ducks, a cormorant or two, and many gulls.

New Forest Jaunts - 3. Milford on Sea to Hurst Castle

Thursday 22 February. Another brilliantly bright day, with cold winds, but not quite as strong as on Tuesday. Just over four miles altogether.
So - we drove to Milford on Sea once more, but this time we walked along the shingle spit to Hurst Castle. The link shows the situation clearly, and relates the history of the place - from Henry VIII via Charles I and the Napoleonic wars to World War II.  

Lots of swans and Brent geese. 

 Dramatic skies over the Island.
 Great surface for walking?
 William Blake skies

 The lighthouse.

We walked round the castle and back to a sheltered spot in the sun - for coffee, cereal bars and a sketch or two.

Back to the Needles Eye cafe for lunch - outside in the sun and sheltered from the wind.

A rather sad footnote about Hurst Castle - some of it collapsed on February 26th 2021.

New Forest Jaunts 2 - cycling from Lyndhurst to Bolderwood and Brockenhurst

About 15 miles on a fine cold day, with a bit of a wind and some hills to get the blood moving.

From Lyndhurst up Pike hIll, and via Emery Down to Bolderwood. We passed the Portuguese Fireplace on the way.

Next to the memorial is a plaque:
"This is the site of a hutted camp occupied by a Portuguese army unit during the first World War. This unit assisted the depleted local labour force in producing timber for the war effort. The Forestry Commission have retained the fireplace from the cookhouse as a memorial to the men who lived and worked here and acknowledge the financial assistance of the Portuguese government in its renovation." 
 In order to help with the timber production for the war, a Portuguese Army unit working for the Canadian Timber Corps helped the local population whilst local foresters were away fighting. 

Bolderwood is a very popular spot with a large car park - there was even an ice-cream van, but we were not tempted. 

Well wrapped up against the cold.

From Bolderwood there is a very pleasant and mainly downhill ride along the Bolderwood and  Rhinefield Ornamental Drive eventually arriving at Brockenhurst, where we stopped for coffee at the Buttery.

We took the main road for the three final miles back to Lyndhurst - rather too busy to be really enjoyable, but the whole ride was excellent.

More New Forest jaunts - 1 Milford on Sea

A drive to Milford on Tuesday 20 Feb, then a short stroll along the shore path. We decided against continuing to Hurst Castle on this occasion. I didn't fancy walking back into the cold wind. We opted for a coffee and a large scone in the Needles' Eye.

Sunlight on the water, with the Isle of Wight and the Needles.

 Coffee and a scone!
Bright and very breezy
Putting on layers after leaving the warmth of the cafe.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Grafham Water clockwise

Thursday 15 February 2018. With Maureen,  on a very fine cold day. 9 miles.

Past the visitor centre and across the dam, to Perry. Then past the sailing club and to the cafe at the Fishing Lodge - Plummer Park car park. 
First break after three miles and a smidgen. Coffee in comfort.

View from the cafe

Ready for the outside world again
 Continued along the shore, past the pylons, and round to Savages Spinney.
Through the spinney
Into the sun and benches with views.

We met two women cyclists who asked us if we'd take a photo of them, and then returned the favour.
 At about six and a half miles we had an open air break, and a scone. Sun on the water, the sound of waves lapping, and not too much wind.
 We left the water's edge for a while to walk through Grafham village, and past the church.
 Soon we were back at the car park and visitor centre. Time for lunch.

Harringworth Lodge from Gretton

Monday 12th February 2018, 9 am.  With Norma. 6 miles approx.

Following the Jurassic Way and other footpaths. 

A pleasant walk over frozen ground to begin with, past the lake, with a break by the logs. Then we followed various footpaths. 
We saw a flock of birds, probably mixed finches - there were definitely a few chaffinches among them, but others too.
We had lunch in Lydia's cafe in Gretton.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Empingham, Normanton, Rutland Water again.

Monday 05 February 2018. With Eddie and Marion. Just over 7 miles.

The same route as last Thursday. Cold, but less windy, and some blueish sky and sun. The trickiest walking was on the icy roads through Empingham village.

 Much easier to walk on frosted grass
 Eddie and Marion "attacking the hill".
A dusting of snow

Felled tree and snowy chippings.

 Conquering the heights.  Not so windy for our coffee break as last Thursday.
Onward and back.