and occasionally rides a bike.
A word of warning. The walk descriptions are not detailed enough to guide you - please take a map. The batteries never run out, and you always have a signal. Oh, And don't take left or right as gospel!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Gretton, Caldecott, Rockingham, circular

 Saturday 7 November , almost 10 miles.

Down to Middle Bridge on the road from Gretton to Lyddington, turn left and follow the footpath with the river on your left. 

Some of the walk involved a diversion to follow the river and also into Fairchild's wood. The direct walk is a little shorter.

Normally we walk along the road to Great Easton, to pick up the Jurassic Way footpath. This time I braved the A6003 - there is a fairly wide cycle lane and verge, and good visibility, but I wouldn't walk there with a group! Shoulda done it during serious early lockdown!

After less than half a mile, I took the bridleway to my right, which leads directly to the Jurassic Way.

 From there I followed the Jurassic Way to Rockingham, and then along the south side of the Welland valley, and up West Hill into Gretton.

Around Gretton

 Thursday 5 November

From Gretton, along Arnhill Road, under the rail bridge to the bridleway, turning left before reaching Rockingham Road, and after another left turn along a path between two rows of trees I joined the Jurassic Way footpath going towards Rockingham - that'd be a right turn.  When this footpath (heading south west) meets the path heading almost east, I turned left and through a couple of fields to the point where it crosses the railway line, not far from the tunnel. A steep climb leads up to the top and then the path goes, via a stile into a ploughed field - there's room at the edge, but once or twice I've almost been tripped by hidden wire... At the end of the field a muddy bridle way leads (left) to Corby Road and I returned via the farm tracks and footpaths.

That was about four and a half miles.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

7 miles around Corby's woods.

Monday 2nd November 2020 

A convoluted wander...

The full moon not yet set

Trees still clothed in autumn colours

A spindle tree

A heron

The usual geese

Two pigeons and a coot

Corby to East Carlton and back

 Monday 26 October 2020 - almost 8 miles

Not our favourite terrain.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Cycling near Boston - Oct 24 - 15 windy miles.

 We escaped for a self-catering weekend - rearranged from earlier in the year when we had hoped to see a show at Blackfriars Theatre. 

Instead we took the bikes and explored a part of the Fens north of where the Welland merges into the Wash. 

I had walked on the southern side five years ago  . 

We cycled from Kirton to Frampton church and along small roads, some of which were part of National Cycle Network Route 1. 

The elevation profile might lead you to think this was an easy ride, but you should never discount the wind in the Fens. All the way to Fosdyke Bridge it was hard work and we were more than ready to stop for a break.

The cafe I visited in 2015 was closed, but as always we had our trusty flask.  Not the most scenic place to stop,  but at least we were sheltered from the gale.

"Be bright, be seen!"

The Welland, looking inland

and out towards the sea

The ride from this point on was much easier wind assisted all the way. 

The view from the apartment

Sunday, November 22, 2020

7 mile cycle ride round the valley

This is my standard short ride - done on the 17th and the 19th October. 

Egg boxes dropped off in Harringworth.

Walk from Gretton to Bulwick via Harringworth Lodge

!5th October 2020. Just over ten miles. 

View of the Welland valley and Seaton

Harringworth Lodge Lake

A profusion of cyclamen in Bulwick

The Pickled Village is open again

Looking back to Bulwick church

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Local walk - October 11 - Gretton, Thorpe by Water, Seaton, Bisbrooke, Uppingham, Lyddington.

 Sunday 11 October . Around 13 miles. Almost 700 feet of up and down. Good weather too.

Following the public footpath beside the church and over the railway line, then down to the valley.

Past the trees where we heard cuckoos in the summer.
Over the footbridge to Thorpe by Water
Along the road and turning up to Seaton with a glimpse of the viaduct over the hedge.
From Seaton to Bisbrooke and on to Uppingham. From Uppingham we took the B664 towards Stockerston, turning off along a bridleway to the left to walk past Stoke Dry Wood. This is part of the Rutland Round path. We found a suitable vantage point for our lunch, overlooking Eyebrook reservoir.

The wall was not bad as a seat.  The path brings us out close to the top of the hill from Stoke Dry. We crossed the A47 and walked down the quiet road into Lyddington, with a view of the church.
Finally we walked back to Gretton via Lyddington and Middle Bridge over the Welland.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A week in Scotland mid-September 5 - cycling in the Pentland Hills

 Friday 18 September

We set off fairly early to Pentland Hills Park at Flotterstone Inn.  The car park was pretty full, this is quite close to Edinburgh.  The maps below show the early section of our route - I'd forgotten to switch recording on! I calculate the distance to be almost 3 miles...

We thought we'd have a pleasantly relaxing pootle/bimble...and so it proved early on along a smooth track, as far as Loganlee Reservoir, where we stopped for a coffee. 

Shortly after this the paths became  more rugged than we expected, and I walked some of the stonier sections. Definitely mountain bike territory in places. 


Lovely heather and foxglove colours, on a bright day!

The bikes coped pretty well - as we did.  We climbed around 780 feet in all.  The section from The Howe to Bavelaw was hard work.  We crossed the bridge at the south western end of Threipmuir Reservoir, cycled along side this and Harlaw Reservoir and found a pleasant spot for a well-earned picnic lunch.

The route from here was still pretty rugged in places. 
Yes, that was me....

Harry as we rejoined the gentler path at the end of the ride.
We had excellent views and weather, but  even at a short 12 miles, this was a much tougher ride than we originally planned. 
We were back at the car by around 3 pm, after a pause by Glencorse Reservoir on the way down.