and occasionally rides a bike.
A word of warning. The walk descriptions are not detailed enough to guide you - please take a map. The batteries never run out, and you always have a signal. Oh, And don't take left or right as gospel!

Monday, December 5, 2022

Pitsford Water

 Monday December 5th

A seven-mile walk round Pitsford Water. With Norma and Maureen.
Chosen in order to avoid muddy fields and ten-ton boots.  As it happened it was quite chilly, but fine once we were moving. Some brightness, a little drizzle, but not enough to wet us.

Lots of lapwings on the causeway bank. We parked at the causeway car park, and walked clockwise round the reservoir.

Still plenty of autumn colours hanging on, and lots of geese and water birds.  We saw one splendid flight of geese. 
And quite a few fungi.

Stopped at the Willow Tree cafe for coffee and teacakes on the way round. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Rushton to Prologis Park, and back via Barford Meadow.

 Monday 28th November

With Norma and Maureen. A grey and misty start, with the sun making a feeble attempt to shine later.

We parked in Rushton and followed the bridleway past Holme Field Farm, with lamas on our right, then the railway line on our left. At the five bar gate we continued straight on and walked alongside, slightly above the railway to the point where it crosses Glendon Road. We crossed the road bridge and turned right to the path through Prologis Park.  Keeping right we walked the perimeter of the park, past various warehouses until we reached an exit to the big roundabout.  We followed the path and the road round to the Fox and Peony.

The cafe was displaying a closed sign, and we were about to tuck into Maureen’s scones outside, when someone arrived, tired the door and found that it was open. Quick change of plan, particularly welcome since I had forgotten my wee jar of instant coffee and hot water just doesn’t cut it.
Our return to the car was along the footpath from Glendon Road (the road with Iron Mountain on it). A short detour via Barford Meadows and through the woodland.

Then it was across the railway bridge and a field path to rejoin the track into Rushton . 5.3 miles.

East Carlton Park

 Monday 21st November 

Norma called at 915, we picked up Maureen and went to East Carlton Park - we did a very short walk, then went for coffee and teacakes just before the rain arrived. 2.4 miles. Photos of animals - reindeer, giant sheep (horse in coat), woolly sheep, then ducks on the pond.
The rain now looked settled in, and it was quite chilly.

Gretton to Spanhoe Lodge and back.

 Monday 14th November

Maureen, Norma and I set off from Gretton village hall at 9.15 to walk to Spanhoe Lodge. 3.5 miles each way, all along tracks and road. Lots of large fungi, and a woman on a horse appeared on the track out of the misty woodland. A little muddy on occasions, but mostly fine, though my feet and socks were wet by the end.

Another gloomy misty morning, and chilly for standing around, so we went inside Spanhoe Lodge which is already christmasified for Santa events. Old fashioned village scenes, large reindeer, and lots of figures outside on the lawn. Good coffee and a slice of toast!  

Roundhay Park, Leeds

 Saturday 12th November

A short stroll with Harry, Esther, Joseph and Hazel. Glorious autumn weather.

Prologis Park and Kettering

 Monday 7th November

Norma collected me at 915, then Maureen. She drove out to Prologis Park, but our usual car park was full today, so we parked across the road. As the weather was damp and the ground slightly muddy we decided against the walk to Rushton and walked through the park, having to detour round where some construction work is underway, close to the railway line.

M le Président going into business?

At the bottom we followed our noses round the streets, eventually emerging near Garrard Way, and walking downhill past the hospital, and the shopping car parks. It was about coffee time so we called in at McDonalds - and used our reusable cups - coffee for 90p.

We walked on and sat down for cheese and crackers by the ‘lake’, then returned to the car along the circular path. By now the weather had improved a fair amount. The park is well frequented by dog walkers . 

Just over 5 miles in all - neither strenuous, nor fast today.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Geddington and Weekley Hall Wood

 Tuesday 18th October

With Marta.  6.25 miles in brilliant and warm sunshine, under a cloudless sky.

We set off along Grange Road to Weekley hall Wood, then along the footpath in the wood.

There were a few walkers, joggers, cyclists. Felled tree trunks are stacked along both sides of the path - for quite a distance. 

We carried on to Glendon Farm, and the Fox and Peony, where we stopped for coffee and tea cakes, sitting outside in the warm sun.

The return trip was a slightly different route, with a detour along a smaller path,  in search of magical fungi. We asked a young woman with a toddler if she had seen any fly agaric - she was Lithuanian , and said that in her country people use them as a hair conditioner! However we didn’t find anything as spectacular.

We spotted a red admiral, and a brimstone butterfly, enjoying the warmth. 

The route:

Monday, October 17, 2022

Gretton to Spanhoe Lodge

 Monday 17th October

After the overnight rain, the weather grew brighter throughout the morning.  Norma and I walked from Gretton to Spanhoe Lodge. following local tracks and the minor road. 

Coffee and a tea cake at the café set us up for the return leg, via a slightly different route.  It was warm enough to sit outside.

The trees are changing, but not in full colour.

Past Harringworth Lodge and the lake…

and back into Gretton, with a short detour into the Pocket Park to see the roman tree planted in memory of Mel.

Just over 7 miles.