and occasionally rides a bike.
A word of warning. The walk descriptions are not detailed enough to guide you - please take a map. The batteries never run out, and you always have a signal. Oh, And don't take left or right as gospel!

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Geddington, Weekley, Weekley Glebe park, Weekley Hall Wood, Prologis park.

 Tuesday 28th June 2022

Drove to Geddington to meet Marta at 9.30.
We walked to Weekley along main road, then took the footpath on the left with view of Boughton House.

The path took us into Weekley, behind the church.

We passed the old almshouse with the motto “What thou doest, do yt with Faith”.

The old school was next.

We passed the tea room - too early - and walked a short distance along the main road, where the verges were very colourful.

At Weekley Glebe Road, we turned right and crossed the park to a narrow belt of woodland, before crossing the busy road over into Weekley Hall Wood. We followed the path to the main junction before th large roundabout,  and visited the Fox and Peony. After a coffee we walked round the Prologis Park green space, with a view over Kettering.

Then we walked back through the other side of Weekley Hall Wood and back to Geddington. 

We walked 9 miles - it felt less tiring than yesterday’s 5!

Gumley to Foxton Locks

Monday 27th June

With Norma and Maureen. 
We arrived in Gumley via the road from Debdale Wharf, coming into the village past the church, and parked on the Main Street facing downhill. 

We took a bridleway to our right (just after the Leicestershire Round leaves the road on the left) , through a wooded passageway.

After this we left the bridleway, taking a footpath to the left leading downhill through several fields with horses.

After a footbridge

we turned left along a bridleway but missed the point where it crossed the stream, and ended up on the drive to Gumley Lodge.

We picked up the footpath again, following it up the shoulder of a hill, through plenty of wet grass, to the left of a small copse.

Eventually after two more fields we arrived at a road, close to the junction. We followed the road towards Foxton, turning off after half a mile before Bunkers Hill Farm, along a most unpleasant section of track, rutted by farm vehicles, and very overgrown and rough underfoot. Definitely not recommended!
This emerged opposite what was labelled as a ‘Gated Road to Foxton’ though we saw no gates. In just under a mile we were at the top entrance to Foxton Locks,

so followed the canal down to the pub/cafe, where we stopped for coffee and lunch. 

Then it was simply a short walk, over the bridge, then continuing north along the canal as far as a footbridge. Over the bridge and we headed directly east and mainly uphill for less then a mile to reach Gumley.

A short walk  of just under 5 miles, which felt longer… 

Geddington, Weekley Hall Wood, Fox and Peony


Walk with Harry and Maureen from Geddington to Fox and Peony via Weekley 

Hall Wood. Saw marbled white and lots of common orchids

Martins nesting at Geddington Village Hall. 6.3 miles. A few spots of rain - in fact an actual shower as we walked 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Gretton to Rockingham via Plantation and Earlstrees

 Tuesday 21st June

About 8 miles.

Beautiful early morning weather. Marta round at 9.30. She parked her car at the rec and we walked along the track
and across to the plantation. Ended up following the public footpath after 
remembering that the other end was closed because of police dog training.

We walked the short section on Gretton Brook Road - very busy with traffic 
- not recommended. This footpath needs extending.
We found this purple orchid growing in the grass verge on Princewood Road on the industrial estate. 

As it was already very hot, we decided to get a coffee and a sandwich in Greggs.
Then walked past the cemetery and down Rockingham Hill to the Jurassic Way 
path, without visiting the Tea shop at the bottom of the hill.
We followed the Jurassic Way path back with another pause in the shade. 
At one point the path has not been made good through the crops, as you see from 
the photograph looking back.

The flowery field edges were lovely.

Unfortunately a bee managed to get into my sock and stung my foot.
Later Marta got stung on the face by something.
We walked up West Hill in the heat.

Got home and had orange juice!

Monday, June 20, 2022

Weekley, Warkton, Wicksteed

 Monday 20th June

Walk with Norma and Maureen. Norma drove.
Weather cloudy at start but brightened and warmed.

Parked at Warkton lay-by, walked to Weekley via “Conservation path”, along 
the Ise, close to the Boughton Estate.

Into the village via avenue and large gates, past the cricket ground near the church 
and old school etc.

We followed the bridleway from Weekley, back to the lay-by. 
We continued from our parking space out to Wicksteed.

We had coffee and scone before walking back mostly along the other side 
of the Ise. A few butterflies including a couple of red admirals.

6.5 miles in all.