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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Portpatrick to Dunskey Castle, Morroch Bay and back.

 Monday 13 September.  With Harry - 5 miles and a bit in persistent drizzle, along the coast path and back via the road.

Around midday, after coffee we decide to walk to Dunskey Castle, as we did in May 2019 in very different weather.

Along the sea front, up along south Crescent until we meet the steps and footpath sign to Dunskey Castle.

The path is straightforward, and after half a mile or so we reach the ruined castle.

The sign now says that Morroch Bay is a mile further on, so on we go, getting drizzled on, and wetted by long grass beside the path. The flowers are less impressive than in spring time, but there are plenty.

Views down to the rocky 
shore don’t inspire me to think of a small boat to Ireland today…but there’s a boat close in.

Oh yes, glad to see the giggle gang have been up here…

We reach the path above Morroch Bay,

and see cottages below - the track has a notice at once
forbidding and enticing.

Self-catering? Wow… we walk along a bit and catch sight of Knockinaam Lodge 
Hotel (in Port of Spital Bay), then turn back and walk almost down the track to Morroch Bay. Yes, it’s steep!

We have to climb back up and follow the track to the road. We meet one car and a tractor.

We continue past the caravan sites, which are being extended, and descend into Portpatrick via Military Road and Old Military Road, and back to Dinvin Street for a well-earned lunch. Only a whisker over five miles, but with 600 feet of climbing and descent, and the narrow cliff path, it feels more

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