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Friday, September 10, 2021

Around Carrshield

 A morning “stroll”, I said. “before coffee.”

Just over 2 miles, taking 1and a half hours, only 240 feet of climbing, but boggy and bumpy terrain….


First a wander round the tiny cemetery - the heart shapes appear to be restored inscriptions.
Down to the footbridge over the tiny River West Allen. 

And up the other side, with a look back at the village

The path through access land, turns right just before the Miner’s Rest farmhouse, and goes along the bottom of their garden, with a gate at each end.
On the track just beyond is a building which. may have something to do with the old lead mines.

The next part of the walk is rough ground, crossing a small stream or two, past cattle

then following a wall until we reached  a footpath to our right.

The going improved …a little…

The remains of another old building

Another tricky bit of descent to a footbridge

back over the River West Allen

uphill along a nettle-rich path

and finally along the road, past the church

and back for a slightly later, but much appreciated coffee and cake outside in occasional sun.

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